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It's hard to believe that we are about to head into the fourth quarter of 2017. While this has different implications for different businesses, there are a few universal marketing tips to help you end the year strong.

1. Connect with your customers. While you probably already do this on a regular basis through emails, phone calls, etc., it is very important to stay on their radar right now. Whether you are a retail business that relies on holiday sales, or a service industry that wants to retain customers for 2018, reach out to your current customers.

2. Don’t give up on prospective customers. A lot of times businesses are focused on maintaining business throughout the end of the year — but you have to think ahead! Even if your prospective customers don’t convert to a sale this year, it is important to think about your numbers next year.

3. Be active! Don’t let your social media accounts fall silent as we head into holiday season. Your customers will still be on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. This same logic applies to email marketing, mailings, and other marketing efforts.

4. Plan for next year. It’s important to start thinking about your 2018 marketing plan now. Think about the audience you want to target, what your budget is, and different marketing activities you may like to implement.

5. Schedule a meeting with your marketing team. They can help you with the strategies above and come up with a few other ideas to round out 2017 and set you up for success in 2018.

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