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Adapting to the times is one of the key markers of what makes a business successful over time. Trends change, your audience changes, and even your product or services may be evolving. Your brand should always reflect your core values and speak to your target audience. You may not need a full rebrand, but a brand refresh can go a long way toward adapting to the times and positioning your brand above the competition. Wondering if it's time for a refresh? Look for these signs:

  • Your brand looks outdated — The digital landscape and world of design are always evolving. With this evolution, customers come to expect a certain look, feel and experience from the brands they consume. What may have made you stand out 5 years ago won't necessarily be the case in this day and age. Modernizing the look and feel of your brand, when necessary, can help you stay relevant and lend credibility to your business.
  • Your brand identity is inconsistent — There are many ways for a customer to interact with your brand, both in person and digitally. Across all your marketing channels and collateral, is your visual identity consistent and recognizable across the board? If not, it might be time to reflect on your brand and make changes to drive consistency.
  • You've updated your product offerings or services — Your brand should reflect who your company is as a whole! If you've added a new product line or increased your service offerings, your visual identity should reflect that. As you expand, ask yourself if your brand is an accurate reflection of your offerings. 
  • Your brand is restructuring — Is your brand experiencing major changes to the structure of the organization, like a merger or acquisition? A change like this should always be accompanied by careful thought to the new goals and strategy of your business and what values you would like to reflect moving forward. 
  • Your audience is shifting — Over time, your target audience may shift. This could mean you are attracting a new audience altogether, or your existing audience has changed its values and motivations. As your audience shifts, make sure your brand messaging has kept pace!

Your business will change over time. It's important to make sure that the visual identity of your brand always reflects who your business is in the present. If you think it may be time for a brand refresh, we can help! Addison Clark specializes in helping brands get clear about who they are, and develop a sound, measurable brand strategy around that identity to help you communicate your message to consumers. Give us a call!

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