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Professional Brand Photography

Professional photography is a powerful, worthwhile investment for your brand. It can help your brand make a memorable first impression, stand out from your competitors, and forge a connection with your target audience. However, professional photography can be expensive! When it comes to choosing a photographer to capture and represent your brand, it is important to choose well to save your business the time and money. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a photographer:

Professional vs Amateur

Just because someone has a camera does not mean they know how to use it! When choosing a photographer for your brand, it is important to ensure they are truly a professional. What education and training do they have? How many shoots have they done, and what other brands have they worked with? Professionals have the expertise to not only capture high quality images, but to coordinate the shoot process as well. Professionals are typically well connected in the creative community and have set procedures in place for pricing, timelines, post-production, and usage rights.

Quality and consistency

Before you invest in a professional photographer, take the time to review their full body of work. Does the quality of their work carry throughout their portfolio? Be sure to review a portfolio that represents the type of shoot you are looking for. For example, an experienced wedding photographer is not necessarily the right choice for your company headshots or product photos.

Positive reviews

As with any product or service, it is important to read up on other customers’ experiences with the photographer you are interested in. If you receive positive feedback from someone you know personally, even better! Are they timely and communicative? Did they come prepared with backup equipment? If not, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Understands your brand

Before your shoot, you should expect a professional photographer to have a meeting with you to understand your photography needs. Did they come prepared with a shot list and take the time to understand your brand and what design elements you are looking for? A brand photographer should understand all things advertising and have the ability to generate new ideas and create intentional, branded messages through their photos.

Choosing the right photographer for your business can feel overwhelming, but it is a task worth undertaking! By working with an experienced professional photographer, you can supercharge your marketing strategy and take your brand to the next level.

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