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A brand is more than a logo. It encompasses the look, feel, and messaging of a company, including how your website looks, how your employees answer the phone, and even the elevator pitch you give to a prospective client. Its job is to tie all the pieces of your business together to present a cohesive personality and targeted message.

So why would you change your brand?

In certain cases, it makes sense to rebrand your company in order to promote future growth and success. While it can seem like a scary change, rebranding is something that needs to happen every so often. Consumer behaviors can change, as well as the targeting and messaging of your business. When this happens, a brand restructure is necessary in order to stay relevant and draw potential customers in.

The following are some of the most common reasons for considering a rebrand:

  1. Streamlining services
  2. As your business grows and takes on new product or service lines, it may be necessary to change the way you present your business to the world. In some cases, a recent merger or acquisition may be cause for a rebrand. In other instances, a company may be shedding certain services and specializing in only one thing. In all of these cases, a rebrand can help you present a cohesive brand instead of disjointed departments or services.

  3. Targeting new markets
  4. Has the target audience of your business shifted? A rebrand is sometimes necessary in order to better connect with a new demographic that you’re trying to reach.

  5. Setting yourself apart
  6. If your business is in a heavily saturated market, a rebrand can be helpful in order to set your business apart from the competition. A new brand strategy can help make a company’s core values and market differentiators more evident to customers who are trying to choose between two very similar companies.

Rebranding should not be done “just because”. Know your market and the problem you are trying to solve. A marketing agency can help you conduct competitor research and develop a comprehensive brand strategy for your company. As the guiding force behind your business, don’t settle for a disjointed brand.

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