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We've all heard the saying, "Content is King." Stated by Bill Gates in 1996, this phrase is still true 20+ years later. The key to making your content marketing strategy work is adaption — you have to be able to change with the times and keep up with the trends in your industry. Here are a few key trends that are in right now in 2019 from Forbes

1. Conversion of Written Content. It is okay to recycle evergreen content, particularly of the written variety. Brands must transition their evergreen content to more engaging formats like short videos, podcasts and interactive games. 

2. The Rise of Voice Search. Voice search is going to revolutionize content marketing the way e-commerce revolutionized retail. Spoken search queries are much more natural than typed ones, especially as technology moves us away from keyboards. We need to start writing differently for ourselves and our clients now if we want to remain relevant.

3. Content Tied to Breaking News. Talk about being to-the-minute! We should always keep an eye on what is breaking in the news and what people are talking about now. Create Google Alerts and tie content into those trends!

4. Video Content. With shorter and shorter attention spans, a video is the fastest way to get information across to audiences. Whether it's a loop on your homepage slider, a tutorial on your blog or a one-minute clip on Instagram, a video is perfect for capturing attention and, best of all, placing calls to action at the end. 

You can read the entire article with all 12 trends in detail here

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