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Email marketing can often be a beneficial addition to your multi-touch marketing strategy. While there are newer and flashier marketing tools out there, email marketing is unique in its ability to reach customers and interested parties directly in their inboxes — a place most of us frequent on a regular basis! When you send emails, you're also reaching an audience that has already opted-in to receive your messages. This means your audience is already expecting to hear from you and may be more ready to convert!

If you're just getting started with email marketing or have been utilizing it without seeing great results, try these four tips to optimize your strategy.

1. Quality Email List: When developing your email list, it is important to first define your audience. Once you define your audience, you can put together a list of contacts that would welcome your email and engage. In some cases, you may need to segment your lists based on the contacts. That way, you can send targeted emails to the right audience. 

2. Establish Goals: Before developing any emails, you'll need to know what your goals are. Do you want people to visit your website, call your office, or is it meant to be an information piece? By understanding what your goals are, you'll be able to craft a more successful message. 

3. Use Call-to-Actions: An email with no call-to-action won't serve any purpose. Whether it's a button that directs people to a specific page on your website, or allows people to email you directly, having specific cal-to-actions throughout your email is very important. 

4. Monitor the Data: Once you send out your first email, make sure you monitor the data. This also ties back to Tip #2. Establishing clear goals for your email campaign will help you determine which data to monitor in terms of results. From open rates to click rates, there's plenty of information to help you understand how people are receiving and taking action on your email. Analyzing this data will help you moving forward. Take the time to understand what it's telling you and make adjustments to your strategy if applicable.

Try these four tips on your next email and you should start seeing measurable results! Email marketing can be a vital part of any multi-touch marketing strategy, so make sure it's successful.  

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