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In a crowded digital landscape, it can sometimes feel impossible to stand out. Custom illustrations can be a powerful tool to help set your brand apart!

Here are 4 reasons to incorporate illustrations into your marketing strategy:


Stock imagery is a great resource that can be used effectively across marketing materials. However, with brands using the same resources for stock imagery, it is has become increasingly difficult to stand out. Custom illustrations can help give your brand a more personal touch. With illustrations, designers have full control over the imagery and the story you want to tell, helping to create a personality and attitude that is unique to your brand.


Photography can be constrained by time, resources and logistics, but when it comes to illustrations, the sky is the limit! Illustrations allow brands to convey abstract ideas in a way that photographs often cannot. They are also a useful way to visually communicate complex information in a more digestible way.


Storytelling can be a hugely effective way to forge emotional connections with your audience. Illustrations give brands the power to communicate their message in a memorable way, exaggerate expression and make people feel something. They provide room for interpretation, allowing individuals to connect with your brand in unique ways.


Every day, consumers are inundated with photographs – on websites, social media, and more. Illustrations provide an opportunity to engage with your audience in a new way, helping to forge brand recognition and recall.

Graphic design, at its core, is simply visual communication. Need help communicating the right message? Contact our team today!

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