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We all know the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but what does that mean for your marketing strategy? Today’s consumers are highly visual and tend to engage more with photos and videos than traditional text ads. It’s important to meet consumers where they are, and that means investing in high-quality photography. Even just a few photos can help your business look professional and stand out from the competition. Here are the top three benefits of investing in high-quality photography:

1. Adds credibility to your brand. Have you ever visited a company’s website and noticed low-resolution photos, or worse, no photos at all? You probably thought twice about doing business with them. No matter your product, service, or industry, high-quality photos can help you build trust with prospective customers and ultimately earn their business. If your business sells shoes, for example, customers are more likely to convert if your website features several well-lit photos of the shoes taken from a variety of angles. Conversely, grainy or blurry photos might make customers think the shoes are cheap or poorly made.

2. Helps with SEO efforts. Google and other search engines consider the quality of your website’s photos when determining where you rank in search results. Make sure you upload your photos as a PNG or JPG, customize your image file names, and include descriptive alt-text. Adding keywords to your alt-text can also boost your SEO rankings. For example, you might post a photo of shoes with alt-text that says “red high-heel shoes for women.” Adding descriptive keywords like “red” and “high-heel” will help Google serve your website to people looking for red high-heel shoes.

3. Can be repurposed across marketing channels. While high-quality photos are essential for your website, you can also post them on social media, use them for printed marketing collateral or even feature them in Google Ads. Using your photo more than once across different channels will help generate interest among prospective customers and keep them engaged.

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