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COVID-19 has rapidly pushed businesses into a more virtual world. As we all continue to adapt to our new normal, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your team. At Addison Clark, we pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment and have found ways to continue this collaboration even while working remotely.

While a simple phone call will suffice in many cases, we've put together a few more options that your team can utilize while social distancing.

Instant Messaging Apps: Having the ability to connect with your internal team quickly and efficiently during times like these is important. Instant Messaging apps allow you to do that. A few options to consider are Skype for Business, Slack, and Facebook Workplace.

Video Conferencing Apps: Since you can no longer all meet in the conference room for meetings, a video conference could be your next best option. A few specific options to consider are Zoom, JoinMe, and Google Hangouts, although there are several other video conferencing systems that allow your team to assemble virtually.

Conference Line: There will be times over the next few weeks where you were scheduled to meet with both internal and external team members. As you are rescheduling or reworking how to have the meeting, a conference line may come in handy. There are several free options out there. One great option is through Google! If you use Google to send out the calendar invite, it pre-populates a conference line you can use.

During times like these, we also recommend increasing your team meeting cadence. Having one team meeting a week while in the office might be enough but meeting more frequently while everyone is working from home is very helpful to keep everyone up-to-date and productive. We hope these options will be helpful for you over the next few weeks.

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