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Every industry in America is experiencing the squeeze of a labor shortage right now. With over 10 million open jobs in the United States today, the competition to hire good employees is fierce. If your business is trying to hire right now, you’re likely experiencing some frustrations now too. But it is not hopeless! There are some marketing efforts you can use to get in front of well-qualified candidates. When it’s time to bring on new employees, try these three marketing tactics:

1. Use your referral sources

The people you know are your best source for finding good potential candidates. They likely know the type of employee you are looking for and can speak highly of your business. Use your email newsletters, LinkedIn, and word of mouth to get the word out to your referral network!

2. Go where they are

Whether it seems like it or not, job seekers are out there and actively looking for jobs. Often, the issue is just getting in front of them. If you are in the market for an entry-level employee, go to alumni or college boards. Some colleges also put on job fairs for juniors and seniors that are worth attending. For events and job fairs, make sure you are putting your best foot forward with a compelling booth and awesome swag to help you stand out. If you are in the service industry and willing to train new employees, you can also look into local high schools. Not every student desires a four-year college path!

3. Create compelling graphics & videos

In every aspect of marketing, you want to be sure that your message is eye-catching and stands out. You want to catch the attention of a job seeker, whether they’re scrolling Instagram, strolling a job fair, or looking through local listings. Be sure to create compelling graphics and videos that embody your company’s mission, look, and values. Describe your company’s culture and benefits in the content. These are the things that job seekers care about and can set you apart from the crowd.

If you need help creating compelling materials to attract your next hire, give us a call!

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