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The digital age has produced infinite ways for brands to advertise and market themselves. While each form of advertising has its advantages, one particular method — print marketing — has stood the test of time and become a trusted source of marketing. In fact, 56% of customers say they believe print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. In addition to being more trustworthy, there are many other advantages of marketing.

1. Print ads offer flexibility to target your specific audience. You have the ability to choose exactly where your ad is shown and in what magazine, newspaper, etc. based on what you know about your audience.

2. Print readers are typically more focused and tend to take action.

3. Print marketing adds credibility to your marketing campaign, as shown in the above percentage.

Investing in print marketing can be a great addition to your marketing strategy, especially if you're consistently producing engaging print pieces. Here are our top three tips to ensure your print pieces will capture the attention of your customers.

1. Break up the text so your audience won't get overwhelmed by long paragraphs of content. A few ways to do this is by adding bullet points, images and testimonials to your materials. 

2. Present information in a straight-forward way and use a conversational tone. Stay away from long, overly descriptive information.

3. Add imagery that will connect with your customers on an emotional and psychological level. If your audience feels they can relate to the imagery in your print piece, they will not only pick it up, but they'll be more likely to read the entire piece. 

When thinking about your next print marketing strategy, keep these three tips in mind to ensure you are producing engaging print materials that will add value to your campaign.


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