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Marketing collateral is a necessary but often overlooked component of the overall marketing strategy for many businesses. If you’ve had the same old tri-fold brochure or sales sheet forever, it’s probably time to up your game! Consider adding a piece of marketing collateral – whether it be a rack card, postcard, letter, whatever you can imagine – that takes your company’s branding to the next level.

Here are some ways to do just that!

Create a special landing page just for your collateral! This will help you to better track the traffic coming to the page based on your content. On the landing page, offer the person something – a coupon, a special video, a free download, etc. This isn’t 100% perfect, as pages do get indexed on Google just for being on the web – so some traffic will be organic. But it is a great way to offer something special to the person that receives the marketing material – making them appreciate your business.

Make it interactive. In addition to the landing page content, another way to encourage the user to interact with your brand is to include fun ways to connect with them. Include your favorite social media platforms (icons and handles) on the collateral, and create a special hashtag that makes the customer think of your product. Example: If you are a window washing company, use a fun hashtag like #icanseeclearlynow or #nomorefingerprints – you could even use your company tagline (if you have one). #measurablydifferent

Spring for the finishing touch. Whether it’s a piece that is screaming for a high-gloss aqueous coating, embossing, or a foil finish – spend a little extra dinero to enhance the presentation! This will also increase the perception that the recipient has of your company and your products. Make yourself look good!

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