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Customized promotional materials are a cost-effective way for companies to gain impressions by offering free merchandise to their consumers. Branded keychains, t-shirts, umbrellas, and phone accessories are examples of items you'll commonly see used as promotional materials. 

Companies can partner with a marketing agency to connect them to vendors and suppliers who manufacture and produce these products for distribution. An experienced marketing agency can help you select the best products to purchase and leverage those products to increase sales and build brand awareness. 

So what makes those products so effective? Promotional products have the potential to generate brand impressions with consumers for years. Nearly 40% of consumers stated that they keep their promotional products for one to five years. Therefore, promotional products can promote your organization and reinforce brand recognition long after the initial interaction with the consumer. 

According to recent business trends, some of the most popular promotional items include:

  • Apparel such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, and bags
  • Office supplies like pens, calendars, and desk organizers
  • Electronic devices such as portable chargers, car chargers, and USB drives

Whether you are interested in boosting your current marketing strategy or preparing for an upcoming event, promotional materials are a valuable marketing tool companies can use to engage their target audience. 

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