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spring cleaning

When you think of the phrase "spring cleaning," you might think of finally tackling those home projects you've been putting off for awhile. But don't forget that your marketing strategy can also benefit from spring cleaning. It's important to keep your marketing plan, materials, and messaging up to date to stay in front of your audience and get ahead of the competition. While this might seem like a daunting task, here are a few actionable steps you can take now to get started:

  • Reexamine your digital ads. If you run paid ads on Google or any social media platform like Instagram and Facebook, take a step back and evaluate their performance. Your ads should be regularly reviewed to ensure optimization and keep your budget in check. If you haven't looked at your ads in awhile, here are a few things you should consider:
    • Check your campaign settings. Are you targeting the right audience and demographics? Are you choosing the right keywords for your audience (if you're using Google Search ads)?
    • Do the graphics and copy align with your brand's visual identity and messaging?
    • Are there certain ads that perform better than others? Why?
    • Look at your budget. Would your ads benefit from an increased budget?
  • Refresh your email marketing plan. Email marketing is still a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. If you're seeing low open rates and high bounce rates, consider cleaning up your email contact list. Remove email addresses that have bounced or haven't opened up your emails in awhile. While you're at it, take a look at the email content you've been sending to your contacts. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is the content I'm sending relevant to my audience?
    • Is there a clear visual and logical hierarchy of the content in my email?
    • Are my emails optimized for mobile users?
    • What can I change to improve my open click-through rates (subject line, content, adding personalization, etc.)?
  • Review all branding materials. Make a list of all of your branding materials, both print and digital. This might include business cards, rack cards, flyers, tradeshow materials (banners, tablecloths, etc.), promo items, and your website among others. Take a moment and think about the following:
    • Do these materials align with my brand standards (use the right colors, fonts, and imagery)?
    • Are my materials visually consistent and coherent with each other?
    • Do certain items feel outdated and could use a design refresh?
    • Are there items that I currently don't have that I could benefit from using?

Spring cleaning can be easy to ignore and let linger at the bottom of your do-list, but it will be valuable in the long-run for your business. Let the team at Addison Clark help you revamp your marketing strategy this spring!


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