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social media and covid19

The current health crisis has led to the temporary shuttering of numerous businesses and a general halting to everyday activities as restrictions and quarantine become the daily norm. While we're all practicing social distancing and many are working virtually, online platforms, such as social media and email, remain as important as they've always been, if not more. 

In these uncertain times, many are logging more screen time than usual, particularly on social media and in their inboxes. While you may not be meeting face-to-face with clients right now, the best practices for connecting with customers, building brand loyalty and being a relatable brand still apply.

Review your content and messaging.
Take some time to review upcoming posts, campaigns, and marketing initiatives to make sure nothing is in poor taste given the current circumstances. Think about your target demographic and how their daily activities are being affected right now. The messaging you were using two weeks ago may not be as appropriate in the weeks ahead.

Proactively answer questions.
There are a lot of questions right now and most people are turning online to find the answers. If you're making changes to your business operations, be sure to proactively share that information in a way that's easy for customers to find.

Connect with people.
You won't be breaking any social distancing rules by connecting your audience online. Now is a great time to communicate virtually with customers and show them you care. Community management is essential during this time, especially when many people are feeling secluded and craving some connection.

Keep communication open.
Things are changing rapidly and many people are nervous because of the uncertainty. The best thing your business can do is be responsive. Whether you're dealing with negative or positive responses, it's imperative that the lines of communication stay open. 

Be real, authentic, and most importantly, kind.
We talk a lot about the importance of authenticity and relatability when it comes to branding, and it's never been as important as in times like these. How your business responds, acts, and reacts now and in the coming days can have a major influence on your brand reputation. You can make a difference by talking to your community in a genuine and considerate manner. 

We're all in this together!

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