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Getting the appropriate message to the appropriate audience will always be priority #1 in marketing, but gone are the days of that being the end of the process. Today, consumers are overwhelmed with the sheer number of options of products and services out there, and markets in all industries are more competitive than ever. Now, audiences (whether consciously or subconsciously) note not only the quality of your advertisement but their experience of being advertised to. 

It's a strange concept, but you could have the best product on the market and still not drive the business you hope for if your customer experience is lacking. But, "customer experience" is a metric that is not easily reportable. As marketers, we use all kinds of analytical programs to measure web traffic, link clicks, impressions, and many other kinds of data to report on the success of our marketing efforts. 

However, once someone has engaged with your brand or even completed a desired conversion, it's imperative to still engage back and drive a positive company-customer relationship. You could have the perfect audience targeting strategy and perfect message, and recent studies are showing it still might not be as effective as their friend just recommending a brand in casual conversation. This year, Hubspot found that 75% of people do not even accept advertisements as the whole truth. 90% of people are more likely to trust suggestions from friends and family while 70% trust consumer reviews. 

This leaves us with the task at hand — how does an advertiser drive word-of-mouth marketing in a very digital-first landscape? It all comes back to that customer experience. At Addison Clark, we view marketing holistically, and how we define a positive customer experience will depend entirely on the client's goals. Contact us today so we can figure out the best way to not only drive business but get people talking about your business.

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