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Most marketers today are well-versed in the game of personalized marketing content. For the past decade, we've been told to customize, customize, customize. A reported 86% of consumers say that personalization influences their purchase decisions. So why are we now hearing rumors of undoing those foundations?

The answer is simple: Personalization works, but only if you do it well. The majority of consumers understand that emails, ads, and notifications are sent out automatically and en masse. They will quickly pick up on mistakes like a greeting with their name misspelled or, worse yet, with an [INSERT NAME HERE] still showing. This can have the opposite effect on your target audience and, ultimately, turn them off from your specific call-to-action (CTA). 

While it is true that customization works, doing it well is a whole different ball game. Trying to fool your customer base never ends well. Instead, take the following steps to come across more genuinely with your audience.

Don't blindly customize emails
Consumers are aware that the sales emails they receive are speaking to a large audience. Crafting the email as if you are only talking to one person, in particular, won't get you very far. Trying to customize a mass email without the proper data or resources to do so will do more harm than good. Use the platform you know you have and say what you need to say. This kind of transparency will gain trust. 

Give, don't take
Right off the bat, most marketing ads want you to buy, give, or sacrifice. You can build value with your customers by providing them with helpful material. Share your knowledge and expertise of your industry, offer service consultations, and even product deals every now and then. The more you show that you are there for your customers, the more likely they are to give back when you do present a CTA. 

Ditch the formalities
For some industries, robot language may be appropriate. For the most part, though, people appreciate it when it feels like a real person is talking to them. Automation is so prevalent that it outnumbers the personal connections in the world of marketing. Allow your personality to shine! Don't worry too much about sounding like the rest of your competition. Consumers can sniff out when you are faking it. 

Ask for feedback
Nobody knows your customers better than they know themselves. Ask for opinions, what they want to see, and keep it simple. Just ask!

At the end of the day, being a transparent human being that talks to your audience and provides value will gain you more leads and revenue than automatic customization ever will. 

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