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holidays 2020

Which way will the holiday shopping winds blow this season? Dare we try to predict a single thing in the year 2020? Will customers be more frugal after a tough year, or will they be elated with holiday joy and rush to complete their lists? There are plenty of things that nobody knows, however, there are factors that are certain this season. Here are our marketing recommendations for the 2020 holiday season that you won't want to ignore!

Start now, if you haven't already
Planting the seed of holiday cheer and positivity can't come sooner. The earlier you can tap into your consumer market, the more time they have to set their mind on committing. Let your message resonate with consumers and continue to reinforce with them. Starting early sets you up for success. 

Digital has gone for broke. With nationwide social restrictions, it's not as easy or comfortable to walk into a business and have a first-hand customer experience — the scents, the atmosphere, the customer service. Now, many first impressions take place in the digital space. Whether you have a custom website, an ecommerce platform like Etsy, Shopify, or a Square site, make sure the user experience is flawless and easy.

If you don't sell products per say, the same can apply to a service-based industry. Make it easy for customers to book appointments, contact you, and understand what you have to offer. As a bonus, you can offer holiday discounts, e-gift cards, and more that allows your customers to purchase with you and not leave their home. 

Video Content
We will promote this until we are blue in the face. Video is the present and the future. People are looking for a seamless, entertaining, and educational video to help them in the buying process. Being able to 1) put a face and personality with the company, and 2) not have to do a lot of work to get to know you, wins you big brownie points with your potential client base. Align your video strategy to existing company priorities like customer experience or digital initiatives around responsive web design or mobile experience. Providing short-form, engaging videos will capture and retain impatient customers by meeting expectation and offering value beyond price or product. 

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.
According to Business Insider, "Insider Intelligence forcasts that m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by the end of 2020". The entire market cannot be wholly trumped by old-school marketing strategies. We recommend you come armed with a mobile-friendly version of your website, digital ads that fit mobile layouts effectively, and target your ads towards outlets that mobile users are largely utilizing for information. According to a recent Google survey on how consumers consult their smartphones to address daily needs, "96% of users stated their smartphone was their device of choice when they wanted to know something, buy something, do something, or watch something". Mobile smartphones have been a part of our lives for over a decade. They aren't going anywhere and the success of your business may widely depend on them!

Take it from us, get a move on this holiday season and deck the halls with captivating marketing strategies that will deem your success a gift in itself!  


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