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At Addison Clark, we’ve worked with numerous successful businesses that are trying to reach that next level. Maybe they have a great reputation in the local community but are struggling to reach a broader market. In other cases, they might have a strong word-of-mouth referral base, but no online leads or prospects. Sometimes their ideal client is different than what it was five years ago and they’re struggling with how to reach that new audience.

When it’s time to target and connect with a new audience, many businesses draw a blank. Even seasoned business owners can struggle with how to expand their reach with a message that will resonate. As with so many marketing endeavors, it all boils down to the right strategy. Here are a few proven ways to help you target and connect with potential customers:

Research. Before you can target an audience, you have to know who it is. Nothing but frustration is accomplished when you throw a message out into the world and it misses the mark. Identifying your target market is essential to success. This is especially important if your client base is shifting and you’re looking to expand into new markets. One way to do this is by looking at your competitors. By nature of the game, some of their customers are likely to be your customers as well. Who are they targeting and selling to? Observing their audiences may help you better define who it is you’re looking to connect with.

Advertise. These days, advertising doesn’t have to mean big bucks. Facebook and Google offer targeted advertising options with a much lower price tag than traditional advertising methods. In fact, this form of advertising has become so popular that it has officially surpassed print and TV ads. Besides the cost, digital advertising is effective due to its many customizable targeting options. Once you have identified the specific details about your audience, you can target those people in digital advertising based on geographical location, demographics, interest, and browsing activities.

Be Social. There’s using social media and there’s being social on social media. Too often, businesses create a profile as a way to check a box. Yes, they’re on social media but they aren’t using it to its full potential. When you’re trying to connect with a new audience, one of the best things you can do is engage. Talk to them, answer questions, offer something of value, show that you’re human! Effectively using social media as a way to connect will not only help your company retain current customers but it will help you potential customers form an opinion about your business.

Stay Top-of-Mind. You’ve identified your target audience and have developed ads tailored to them, but the ball doesn’t stop there. The cardinal rule of advertising says that a potential customer needs to see an ad seven times or more before they even remember it. Connecting with a new audience is a constant effort, but not impossible. Try different methods to keep things from getting too redundant. Things like blog posts, emails, and videos are great ways to present a consistent message in front of your audience.

Sound like a lot of work? That’s why companies like us exist to help you strategize and target prospects without sacrificing your time. Send us an email if you’re struggling with targeting a particular audience!

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