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Having an effective marketing strategy can turn a consumer into a lasting customer of your products or services. A good marketing strategy is one that provokes emotion and brand trust in your audience. Brand trust creates greater elasticity in your product or service, which can give your business a competitive advantage. Understanding consumer behavior is key to planning a marketing strategy for promoting your brand. Good advertising strategies create conversation and brand awareness. Here are some tips and tricks to create an impactful marketing strategy: 

1. Know your target audience
It's important to dive into the mind of consumers and know what they think about your business. The way consumers think of your brand can help guide your strategy to create impactful awareness of your brand. Researching the habits, culture, behavior, and buying patterns of your target audience will help you decide on an effective strategy. 

2. Create trust in your brand or business
Trust is the number one factor in keeping existing customers loyal. Consumers are highly motivated to choose a product or service they have trust in. Trust can be built through a brand, customer service, or memory of the brand. If you're in a service-related industry, ensuring reliability and customer service in your marketing strategy is going to lead to consumers choosing your brand over and over again. 

3. Effective positioning
Knowing where your audience will see your brand is important when knowing where to implement your strategy. What devices are they using the most? Is your audience social media savvy? When are they watching the tv? These will answer your questions about where to place your ad.

4. Provoking emotion
Advertising is psychological. Something that provokes emotion is going to leave a lasting impression and make your brand or business memorable. Customers that attach a feeling or sound to a brand are more likely to purchase from those emotions rather than rational thinking. Because an audience is more likely to remember an advertisement that creates emotion, people will talk about your brand or product. 

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