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These are the five trends we're watching closely in 2019. 

1. Personalization. More and more customers want their online experience personalized. Phrases like "near me" saw a huge increase in Google searches in 2018. Another personalization we have seen is customized shopping. If you purchase a particular product, similar or corresponding products will be suggested to you as well. 

2. Digital. It's no surprise that digital continues to dominate in the marketing world. With platforms like Google, Facebook, and Hulu offering new and better digital advertising options, look for more and more opportunities in 2019. 

3. Video. This tool is taking over. We have seen a rise over the past few years, but we predict video to truly dominate in 2019. Instead of blogs, expect to see more vlogs. Live videos on social platforms will also make more of a splash. 

4. Social e-commerce. As social media continues to be a huge part of day-to-day life, consumers expect to be able to shop right in their feeds. The less clicks it takes to buy an item, the better. Customers don't want to have to seek you out, they want the product delivered to where they already are, for example, their Instagram feed. 

5. Customer service. All the great marketing in the world can't replace excellent customer service. Both in store and online, this is how brands are keeping their customers. With millennials spending more money in the economy, this will become increasingly important as they tend to have high expectations for customer service. 

None of the 2019 trends are groundbreaking, they are just building on what we already know. Continuing to have a strong digital presence with video and social are important, as is creating an awesome consumer experience with personalization and awesome service. 

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