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Every audience has a unique set of motivators based on their lived experiences. To market effectively, it is important for brands to put in the work to understand who their target audience is, what they’re looking for, and what they expect from the brands they’re loyal to. For Gen Z, the search for truth and authenticity is a big driver, and for brands looking to capture this audience and their nearly $360 billion worth of purchasing power, it’s important to pay attention to what makes Gen Z tick.

For a generation who has never known life without the internet, advertising has always been a part of Gen Z. They can easily spot common marketing tactics and can tune them out even more easily. If you’re a brand looking to appeal to Gen Z, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Be Authentic

When it comes to appealing to Gen Z, authenticity is key. Much of Gen Z is looking for brands whose values they can identify with-- seeing brands’ values as an extension of their own. As a brand, it is important to showcase your people and values all while investing in long-lasting relationships with consumers. 73% of Gen Z consumers believe it’s important for brands to raise awareness and take a stand on sensitive issues. They are seeking out inclusive brands with a strong community. In a way that is authentic to your unique brand, finding ways to establish and communicate clear values will go a long way with Gen Z. Avoid over-polished posts and going straight for the sell. Instead, focus on providing and communicating value.

Be Transparent

Gen Z is not unknown for holding brands accountable for their perceived shortcomings and missteps. They hold deep convictions and high standards and expect brands to follow suit. Establishing credibility and gaining trust is essential to creating loyal consumers of Gen Z. As a brand, own your mistakes and approach customer care and expectations with genuine intention.

Create Meaningful Partnerships

Influencer marketing is a relevant and effective way to reach audiences, including Gen Z. However, when it comes to choosing faces to represent your brand, it’s important to be thoughtful. Rather than simply choosing a partnership for their status and popularity, make sure this connection is one that actually makes sense for your brand.

Another important way to establish meaningful connections is with your audience themselves. Invite Gen Z to participate in your brand and leverage user-generated content. Pay attention and take advantage of social media apps like Instagram and TikTok that encourage content creation and engage with your target audience.

Be Entertaining

Finally, be entertaining. Again, don’t just focus on the sale. Focus on building a community and providing value with content that makes sense for your brand and will target your specific audience. As new trends and features emerge daily, it’s important for brands to experiment and be flexible while keeping goals and brand identity in mind. While long-form videos are making a comeback, developing content that appeals to short attention spans in a saturated social media landscape continues to be an important strategy. Be bold and don’t be afraid to break the mold to effectively connect with Gen Z, as long as it aligns with your brand.


Although Gen Z won’t be the target audience for every brand, it’s important for brands seeking to capture a Gen Z audience to understand what makes this generation unique in order to effectively market them. Gen Z expects a lot from brands they are loyal to, but creating and sustaining a meaningful connection is possible and rewarding for both brands and consumers.

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