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What It Means to Market Seasonally

Every business is different, which is why creating a message unique to your company is important - but did you know that your business can benefit from using different messaging throughout the year?

Seasonal marketing targets your company’s audience and their specific needs based on the time of year, whether it be promotions during the winter holiday season or specific calls to action during the summer months.

The key to successful seasonal marketing is dependent on a few factors. The most obvious factor is how your product or service relates to your consumers during that time of year. You want to make sure that the messaging you use is relevant. Most people’s day to day experiences are influenced heavily by the weather and current season. You can take advantage of this by tapping in on a relatable level.

Secondly, you want to be conscious of the emotions that a particular season can evoke. Certain times of the year can excite your audience more than others. A great example of this is seasonal marketing seen around the holidays. Comfort, warmth, and joy are all emotions tied to this time of year, so make sure your messaging follows suit. In the post-holiday slump, you want your customers to still feel excited and uplifted, so prepare a new message accordingly.

Depending on your business, you also may want to look into sales strategies, interactive content marketing, and design services to enhance your seasonal marketing efforts.

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