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Pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and promote brand awareness. It’s also the most cost-effective method of gaining customers and expanding your presence in the marketplace. However, setting up an online advertising campaign isn’t as simple as you may think. At Addison Clark, we spend hours creating compelling graphics and copy to attract prospective customers and continuously monitor each campaign’s performance. We also ensure your ad matches the content and aesthetic of your website to allow for a seamless customer experience. If these elements are unaligned, advertisers are less likely to present your ads to users, resulting in loss of potential revenue.

The page that users see when they click on your ad is called a landing page. Your landing page is one of the many factors that Google and other online advertisers use to evaluate the quality of your ad. Google also evaluates the relevancy of your ads and keywords in order to generate a Quality Score. If your landing page, ads and keywords are highly relevant to users, you’ll receive a higher Quality Score, resulting in lower prices and better ad positions. If your landing page is missing crucial details about the product or service you offer, Google is less likely to show your ads to potential customers. Moreover, if your landing page lacks enticing photos and vivid descriptions, users will leave confused and dissatisfied.

You may have even experienced this frustration in your personal life. Have you ever clicked on an ad and landed on an outdated website that doesn’t feature prices or high-quality images? Poor-quality landing pages aren’t a great first impression for prospective customers, especially those in the research phase of the buyer’s journey. Your landing page could be the deciding factor between a prospect choosing you over your competitors.

Google and other online advertisers heavily prioritize the quality and relevancy of your ads and landing page. If you aren’t getting the results you want from your paid search campaign, your website might be the root cause. Your landing page should capture users’ attention and encourage them to visit the rest of your website. If your landing page is lacking in content, try incorporating images or language that outlines your unique value proposition. As always, Addison Clark is here to help reconstruct your landing pages or revamp your pay-per-click campaign!

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