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We all know the importance of digital ads. Whether it be through Google or a social media platform, it is an effective way to get your business, product, or brand in front of consumers. Your ads can specifically target a demographic or geographic location, and can even determine frequency and placement on your consumer’s screen. While this is all great marketing, you may stumble across a plateau for your ads and this could be due to stale or underwhelming content.

Abandoning your already performing ad and starting over from scratch isn’t necessarily the answer. While this currently running ad may have reached a plateau, it has already proven successful up to this point. Now the goal is to elevate that content to reach an even more ideal audience. This can be done through A/B Testing. This type of testing allows you to maintain your current marketing strategy while also implementing a new one so that your results can be monitored and compared over time.

A/B Testing simply splits your audience in half, sending 50% to the control ad which is the original content your business has been utilizing while sending the remaining 50% of your audience to the challenger which is comprised of new content. After a period of time, the data will show you which of the two ads are better performing which will allow you to make a decision on how to alter and improve your ad experience for consumers. If you find that the challenger did not deliver the results you were seeking, the safety net of your original control ad is still intact. If your new ad performed exceedingly well you can plan to make adjustments to move forward with the new content. Eventually, your new ad that was once a challenger can transition to the control position to maintain a fresh approach to your content for your business.

At Addison Clark, we take pride in utilizing innovative strategies to deliver the best results for our clients. If you think your business could benefit from A/B Testing or additional marketing strategies, get in touch with us today!

Written by Shelby, Account Manager

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