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When it comes to website design, Google doesn’t judge a book by its cover. A website may be beautiful, but is it functional? Does your website drive visitors to take action by filling out a contact form, scheduling an appointment, or calling your office? If the answer is no, then you should consider partnering with an SEO agency to design your next website.

Search Engine Optimization experts understand how to leverage Google’s algorithm to your business’s benefit. Here are three reasons you should consider working with an SEO company on your website.

1. Copy is King

Everyone can appreciate the lure of a sleek and modern website with striking visuals and effects. However, the best website designs ensure your message isn’t lost in the clutter. Great website copy can benefit your site in two ways. First, website copy tells your business’s story to the world. It conveys your values, goals and services to new or returning customers. Excellent website copy is both compelling and action-oriented, focused on moving users through your website to transform visits into tangible business. Secondly, good website copy incorporates distinct buzz terms known as keywords. Keywords are select words or phrases that are unique to your business’s services or industry. An experienced SEO company will understand the value of keywords and meticulously research which keywords best capture the attention of search engines. When done correctly, the right keywords help customers find your website when searching for specific services in your targeted geography.

2. Metadata Matters

Another benefit in hiring an SEO agency to design your website is the value of metadata. Metadata is copy that describes the website content to search engines. Think of it as your website’s table of contents for Google. SEO conscious metadata should include certain keywords that tell Google about each website page. This information can determine where your website shows up in search results. Metadata is an important element in creating a highly optimized website.

3. Functionality

Great websites look good and run efficiently. What’s the point in having a visually striking website if the pages and content take forever to load? The best website’s capture users’ attention and retain it. Therefore, it’s prudent that your website loads quickly across different desktops and mobile devices. Google favors websites that are updated and well-maintained. With constant changes in search engine preferences, it’s vital to hire a marketing agency with the capacity to host and maintain your website. An experienced firm understands the importance of functionality in website design and search engine optimization.

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