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Small business owners are constantly looking for new ways to market their businesses and stand out from the crowd. Writing blog posts can help you accomplish just that! When done properly, blog posts can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit. Our clients have seen genuine business results from blog posts, ranging from increased brand awareness to lead conversion. 

Blog posts can:

  • Help solve a customer's problem. Think about common questions your customers have or challenges that they face. You can write a blog post to address them! Not only will you gain your audience's trust, but you will be able to position yourself as a subject matter expert to current and future customers. 
  • Provide SEO benefits for your website. Google and other search engines often prioritize blog posts in rankings because that content can be more relevant for searchers. When you're writing blog posts, make sure you are incorporating the SEO keywords you are tracking into the title and copy so the content can be picked up by search engines. Blog posts with strong SEO are more likely to see higher rates of traffic, which can have positive SEO impacts on your website overall. 
  • Be repurposed into new content. You've spent countless hours researching and writing your blog post — don't let that content go to waste! A major benefit of blog posts is that the content is evergreen and can be repurposed for social media posts, emails, videos, and more. Whether a blog post was made a few months ago or a few years ago, you can reshare it over and over again!

If you're considering writing blog posts for your business, it's important to keep a consistent schedule. Determine a schedule that you can easily commit to. Typically, one blog post a month should do the trick. This will help you avoid your content becoming stale, or having an inactive blog section on your website. If you need blog writing support, reach out to our team today!

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