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Inevitably, in almost every Google Search, there's a listing for Yelp, Angie's List, or some other directory website. On average, there are 145 million unique monthly Yelp users, so it's safe to say these sites are getting some traffic! These websites continue to creep higher and higher in search results. So why does this matter and what should you be aware of?

1. Directory sites may be causing your website to drop in organic rankings. If you were previously ranked #1 for bagels in Richmond, a Yelp listing may be pushing your site down to the #2 spot now. 

2. With more and more searches including terms like "near me", Google is favoring directories in search engine results. With one click, a person is delivered tons of results with listings "near you". 

3. Sometimes you have to pay to play. It's no surprise that many of these sites have figured out a way to monetize their listings. There are sponsored posts and other ways to appear higher on these types of sites. 

4. Not all sites are created equal. Some directory sites require that you become a member to see all of the listings. Other sites drive the order of results by ratings. 

Before investing in advertising or worrying about your SEO results, be sure to talk to your marketing team about your strategy.

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