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Facebook business pages have been around for years now. As of last year, there were over 60 million Facebook business pages and over 41% of U.S. small businesses on the platform. It's easy to see how Facebook can start to feel like old hat. 

Most businesses are fairly savvy when it comes to Facebook -- posting regularly on their pages, responding to customers, and running ad campaigns. While some things may switch up every now and then, the basic principles of the platform stay the same. But before you become too relaxed with the platform, consider these 3 things that could take your Facebook business page to the next level. 

1. Profile picture and cover photo descriptions
For most companies, uploading a profile picture (typically their logo) and a cover photo (some kind of branded image) checks the box when setting up their page - but not so fast. Facebook gives you the option to add a caption to every photo you post, including your profile image and cover photo. Instead of leaving this section empty, try adding a short description about your company and links to your website. 

2. A call-to-action button
A call-to-action button is a great way to drive people to perform an action on or off of Facebook, whether that's filling out a form, visiting your company's website, downloading an app, or watching a video. These buttons sit at the top of your Facebook business page and can help your business meet its goals. 

3. Organized tabs
Tabs are located on the left side of your Facebook business page and allow you to provide additional resources and content for your fans and followers. There are two types of tabs: Default (such as About, Likes, and Photos) and Custom tabs (such as Mailing List Subscription, Event Registration, E-book Download, etc). Unless you spend some time organizing this section of your page, Facebook will populate it for you with default tabs that may or may not be the ones you want showcased. Make sure the important tabs are near the top and easy for your fans to click on. 


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