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You finally made a page for you business on Facebook and Twitter. Now what?

Here are some tips to help you get started...

1. People like talking to people not computers, so relax and be yourself.

Think of some of your best business relationships. What make them so great? Chances are you have something else in common with them besides business (e.g. your children go to the same school, they're a Cubs fan too). Getting to know your customers and allowing them to get to know you will strengthen your relationships with them.

2. Engage them!

You can talk about your business and other things that people can relate to as well. The key is to engage your customers to talk to you. For example, John owns a bike shop and he posts, "Just put new tires on and they feel great!" His fans might read this and think about if they need new tires or ask John what kind of tires he recommends. For starters, try asking your customers a question or talking about hot topics in your industry to engage them.

3. Give them information.

Social media gives you the opportunity to keep your customers updated about what's new with you and your advice. You are now a resource to them. Bring value to your company's social media sites by providing your customers with insights about your company and your industry. Breaking news they should know about? Let them know, they'll thank you for it!

4. It's not a sales pitch.

Postings on Facebook and Twitter are like a stream of casual conversations. If you post a huge advertisement in the middle of these conversations, your post might be deemed as just another annoying advertisement. Let's be honest though, we do want to increase our sales and that's why we're doing social media... right? Well consider this, a recent study found that 78% of people will take a friend's recommendation while only 14% of people would trust an advertisement.

5. Start connecting and create awareness.

Tell your friends and customers about your new Facebook and Twitter pages and ask them to join! Once they join, other people in their network will become aware of your business's page too. The more people the merrier, so spread the word!

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