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Instagram TV Cropped

Have you noticed the new icon on the top of your Instagram feed? That would be the Instagram TV icon, better known as IGTV. Instagram is channeling its inner YouTube and introduced this new video feature to allow users to share longer, vertical videos. There are two ways you can access this feature, of course through the Instagram app, but also through the IGTV app - if you want to use it separate from Instagram. When accessing IGTV, you will have a few tabs that will allow you to view different videos:

  • For You – these are videos Instagram believed you will like based on who you follow
  • Following – these are videos people you follow have shared
  • Popular – these are trending videos

This could be a great addition to your Social Media strategy to give your followers additional video content. There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about IGTV for your business:

  • Unlike YouTube, on IGTV users are unable to search through keywords. For now, you have to know someone's Instagram handle to find their videos
  • The time limit is currently capped at 10 minutes for the everyday user, but their goal is to remove time restrictions for all users
  • IGTV has analytics reports on views, likes, comments, average percentage watched and percent of plays at a particular time during the video
  • IGTV does not currently allow ads, but after further research that is in the plans for the future, so hop on it now while its ad free

If you have any questions about IGTV or any other Social Media platforms, Addison Clark would be happy to help!

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