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Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses to tell their story, grow and connect with their audience and stay top of mind with consumers. With over 200 million social media users across the United States, your social media presence is an impactful extension of your brand.

Here are 6 tips for building your social media presence to get the most out of your social media marketing strategy:

Identify your target audience

Everyone is not your target audience! Identifying who your relevant audience is can help save money and time and allow you to concentrate your social media marketing efforts where it will have the most impact. Your target audience can help you determine which social media platforms to use, what time of day your audience is online, the type of content they like to see, and more!

Use impactful visuals

Visual content, including images, videos, gifs and more, generate higher engagement rates than text-only posts. With only a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention on social media, it is so important to create and share content that is relevant to your audience, original, and visual!

Be consistent

While it is important not to overwhelm your audience with content, posting consistently is key to building and engaging your audience. The optimal frequency of your posts will depend on your business’s goals, platforms and audience, but through trial and error, and most importantly, data, it is possible to create a schedule that works for you. Additionally, maintaining consistency across your visuals and brand voice will help establish trust and professionalism.

Be human

Consumers want to follow brands they can relate to. Social media is a great channel to display your brand’s personality and show the faces behind your brand. Engage with your audience by asking for feedback, responding to comments, and use this interaction as an opportunity to set your brand apart from competitors. Prioritize helping and offering value to your audience, rather than selling.


Once you have begun to cultivate a presence on social media, make your social media presence known! Link your social media profiles across platforms and include links on your website, email footers, and other marketing collateral.

Utilize paid advertising

Finally, don’t be afraid to utilize paid advertising! Social media advertising is often a cost-efficient way to build your audience through targeted, impactful campaigns.

Building and maintaining a successful social media presence takes time and continual effort, but can drive a major impact for your brand!

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