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linkedin vocab

A company LinkedIn page is a great way to increase credibility and share updates with other companies, your target audience, and job seekers. When adding LinkedIn to your social media footprint, it's helpful to know the different terminology that is often used on the platform. Let's dive into a few different terms you may find as you navigate your company's LinkedIn page. 

Followers: Followers are the number of people that can see your company's posts and articles on their LinkedIn homepages. While similar to "connections", the term "followers" is used on company pages. "Connections" is used only when thinking about your personal LinkedIn page and denotes the number of LinkedIn users that you have connected with based on a business relationship you may have. 

Impressions: This metric indicates the number of times that a certain post has been shown to users on LinkedIn. 

Reactions: Reactions are all the different ways a user can engage with your company's posts on LinkedIn. These include Likes, Comments, and Shares. 

  • Likes: A quick way for users to show you that they enjoyed your post. 
  • Comment: A way for someone to respond to your post
  • Share: A way for a user to post your content on their page, often with a comment of their own

Visitors: This is the total number of page views and unique visitors your page received over a period of time.

Activity: Your activity shows all the posts you have shared as well as reactions from either your followers or visitors. 

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