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You may or may not have seen these bar code-like, one-dimensional designs, but they are rapidly growing in usage. Products, brochures, newspapers, magazines, and even store windows are making room for the QR code. This month we'd like to tackle the 411 about these codes and how they may be beneficial to you and your business!

What is this is QR code business? Quick Response codes (QR codes) are similar to the typical bar code we are all used to seeing on most every product. Unlike this new addition to the bar code family, typical bar codes track price and inventory. The QR code, on the other hand, has the ability to hold much more information. With a quick scan a QR code can drive traffic to your website, Facebook  page, and so much more.  With the use of an iPhone, Android, or any camera-ready Smartphone the code will direct you to the digital content on the web. Even better there are FREE applications like Scanlife that can be downloaded to your phone to read QR codes. Another function, which Andrew and Jeff absolutely love, the code can hold contact information, which is directly placed into your phone book when scanned.

Where do these codes go? With the versatility of QR codes, they can be placed almost anywhere!! If you'd like to drive traffic to your website a code can be placed on fliers, brochures, receipts, name tags, store windows, or even the side of a truck! United Airlines is one of the many major airlines that now use these QR codes as a digital boarding pass. With the ability to store contact information or your web address the back of your business card is a great place to start. The placement possibilities are endless; I've even seen them on t-shirts.

Why use them? With a number of sites that generate these for FREE, there is no reason not to jump on the bandwagon (a trendy bandwagon at that). While generating the code via sites like qrcode.kaywa.com you simply enter the appropriate data, maybe spice it up with some color and BAM, easy access for your customers.

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