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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

Instagram recently rolled out a "nametag" feature — essentially a QR code that users can scan to instantly find and follow an account. If it sounds familiar, it's because Snapchat has been utilizing this feature for some time. Instagram allows you to customize your nametag with colors and emojis to make it more personalized. 

Our Take: While it seems like an easy way to share your handle, the feature seems redundant to the search feature that already exists. This is just a prettier, more customizable way to find someone or have someone find you. It's another move on Instagram's part to foster community and connection on their platform. 

LinkedIn has updated their algorithm for the purpose of generating more engagement on users' posts. Previously, LinkedIn's new feed favored content from top creators which started hurting the number of updates people posted on the platform. After some research, LinkedIn concluded that users would be more likely to post if their posts received more engagement. Their new algorithm extends greater reach to your posts based on "how much a user will appreciate getting feedback from a given viewer".

Our Take: We love the update and wonder why it took LinkedIn so long to realize this. Social media platforms, even more professional ones like LinkedIn, are meant to be social and algorithms that promote that fact are a win in our book!

Facebook is cracking down even more on what they call "low-quality ads". They released three specific examples of what they deem to be low-quality:

1. Engagement bait ("Like and share this post")
2. Withholding information ("You'll never believe what happens next...")
3. Sensationalized language ("This is MINDBLOWING")

Facebook says the potential repercussions of these types of ads include reduced distribution and disapproved ads. Repeat offenders could see a reduced performance on all ads from their account.

Our Take: If you're running an advertising campaign on Facebook, it's best to be upfront, honest, and clear in your ads. While this may seem obvious, brands should be aware of Facebook's strict guidelines for advertising and the potential consequences if they're not followed. 

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