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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what’s new in the industry.

Currently, YouTube creators have the option of promoting their other videos or livestreams through suggested links that pop up mid-clip, but not for long. YouTube announced they'll be getting rid of these links on December 14th and they were very straight-forward about the reason why: no one clicks on them. The company claims that cards and end-screen video links are much more effective.

Our Take:

  • The removal of this feature doesn’t just affect videos going forward, but all existing videos as well. This might lead to some awkward moments in existing videos if people are referencing or pointing to a suggested link that’s no longer there.
  • Ultimately, though, it will give viewers a better experience since they can focus on the video they're watching without in-video intrusions.
  • Any YouTube creators who used this feature in the past will need to adjust to new ways of promoting their other videos.


Instagram will now let you post any photo or video to Stories – even if it's more than 24-hours old. Initially, only content created in the past 24 hours could be uploaded to a Story. Now, you'll have access to your entire Camera Roll.

Our Take:

  • This move makes total sense for Instagram since most people were using work-arounds to post older content to the platform anyway.
  • This will make it easier for brands to share previously prepared content or campaigns without having to work around this restriction.
  • Although this moves Instagram Stories away from its original focus on immediacy, we think most users will continue to use the platform as a way to share fresh and original content.


After rolling out video cover photos for Business Pages not too long ago, Facebook is now adding cover slideshows to its range of options. The feature is still being rolled out to all users, so you may not see it on your Page quite yet.

Our Take:

  • Most visitors view the majority of Page posts in their news feeds without actually going to a business's Facebook Page, meaning there's only so much influence behind a cover photo (or video or slideshow).
  • That said, a professional looking Page is still important and a well put-together slideshow at the top of your Facebook Business Page could be grab your visitors' attention.
  • A cover slideshow is also a great option for folks who don't have the resources to create a cover video for their Page.


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