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There’s a new social media platform on the rise! It’s called Vero which is Latin for the word “Truth”. The app has been around since 2015, but skyrocketed in popularity last month as thousands of people downloaded it from the app store. There are several theories as to what caused the sudden interest; the most prominent of which is Instagram users’ growing frustration with the app’s algorithm. Vero is capitulating on this by promoting their chronological feed order and no advertisements. One important detail – the app is free of charge for the first million users. After that, Vero will be starting an annual subscription fee.

Our Take:

  • New social media platforms, especially ones that generate as much chatter as Vero, always pique our interest. It’s still too early to know if this is a good bet for businesses, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.
  • So far, the launch of new social media platforms haven’t hurt larger platforms like Facebook or Instagram very much. It will be interesting to see how it plays out with Vero.

Facebook announced this week that they are expanding their job posting capabilities. Users in the U.S. and Canada have been able to post job listings on Facebook since last year, but Instagram is expanding those features by adding new tools such as the ability to schedule interviews and create job posts on mobile. In addition, Facebook is rolling out job posting capabilities to over 40 additional countries.

Our Take:

  • According to a recent survey, one in four people in the U.S. look for jobs via Facebook, so the additional tools will definitely be helpful to small businesses
  • This move seems to be Facebook’s way of competing with LinkedIn, but we don’t think it will impact LinkedIn’s status very much. LinkedIn still remains the top online marketplace for job seekers and recruiters.

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