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The world of social media has been buzzing lately with several updates and announcements. We decided to round up a few that we thought were worth mentioning below. Here's what's new in social media...

Facebook A big part of social media is getting people to see the right message at the right time. Facebook is hoping that

A big part of social media is getting people to see the right message at the right time. Facebook is hoping that place tips — a news feed feature that shows information on your business while someone is on location — might help with this. Facebook introduced this feature at the beginning of 2015, but this month they started offering Facebook Bluetooth Beacons to several businesses.  These Bluetooth devices send a signal to a person's phone when they are visiting a particular business. If they open their Facebook app while on the premise, they will see prompts to like the Page, posts from the business' Page, and photos that their friends have taken at that same location. Facebook is currently providing the device for free to select businesses, although they state that they cannot guarantee the feature will always remain free.  Read more here


Twitter and Google are making things happen. The two mega-companies are working together to allow tweets to show up in search engine results. This means you no longer need to log into Twitter to search for a particular tweet — you can now do it directly in Google. What does this mean for brands? Your tweets are about to reach a much larger audience! Read more here


Like a product you see on Instagram? Go ahead and buy it! Instagram rolled out "action-oriented" buttons this month for advertisers, such as "Shop Now", "Install Now", and "Sign Up" buttons. Clicking the button will take users to a mini-site within the Instagram app where they can buy/download/sign up and — once they're done — immediately go back to browsing friends' photos! Read more here


Pinterest is jumping on the 'Buy Now' bandwagon as well. Millions of products on the site will become available for purchase as Pinterest teams up with Shopify and Demandware to introduce a "buy" button on certain pins. Like Instagram, users won't even have to leave the site to make these purchases. Watch Pinterest's video


A few months back LinkedIn bought Lynda.com, an online education company. Now LinkedIn is offering its users free access for a limited time. Non-LinkedIn users are welcome to check out the site for free as well — just for a shorter amount of time. Read more here  

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