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Marketing is one of the only industries where tried-and-true best practices are matched in significance with challenging the status quo and being adaptable. As professionals in the industry, we know there are always "rules" to follow when writing copy, allocating a budget, targeting the best audience, and a litany of other subtasks when coming up with a marketing strategy. 

However, depending on what platform you are utilizing, you may find that the same strategy you used last year, six months ago, or even the previous week is no longer viable. Things like algorithms, privacy policies, and user interfaces can change drastically (often with little or no notice from the companies in control of the platforms). 

Because of this, it's our job to stay flexible. It's always a great idea to be completely in tune with what you are trying to accomplish and utilize those best practices wherever appropriate. However, the job does not end there. Earlier this year, Google rolled out several updates to their search result ranking algorithm that shook up SEO strategies across the board. Had our account management team been caught off-guard by this update, the results could have been less than favorable for the client. 

At Addison Clark, we constantly make it our business to minimize the shock when things change. We dig into the data when results aren't what was anticipated due to an update on the back end. At the end of the day, know that while your client's goals may remain the same, the way you achieve them may not. 

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