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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's happening in the industry.

LinkedIn announced that users will soon be able to add multiple photos to a post. This feature is currently only available on the IOS app, but is coming soon to Android and desktop.

Our take:

  • We believe this will add more value to LinkedIn posts, especially on Company Pages.
  • Just like on Facebook, multiple photos will make posts more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Google AdWords
The ever-changing Google has gone and updated its interface for AdWords. It looks like a hybrid between the old AdWords and Google Trends. 

Our take:

  • The new interface is sleek and much easier to manage since the Overview page gives great information right off the bat.
  • As with all change, the biggest challenge will be getting used to the new navigation.

In this mobile world, a mobile-friendly website is essential. Facebook is now taking that into account for posts with links. If a post is linked to a website with a slow mobile response time, Facebook's new algorithm will not favor that post in newsfeeds. 

Our take:

  • This move makes a ton of sense. Why would someone on their mobile device (over a billion people a day) want to click on a link that won't load on their phone? Answer: they don't!
  • This is just another mega-platform driving home the fact that mobile-friendly websites are a must in today's mobile-first world.

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