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Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's new in the industry!

Mobile Facebook users can now choose to take a break from anyone in their friend group. This was originally a feature that users could utilize when they switched their relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single", but now feel free to take a break from any fellow Facebook friends. You can find this update by clicking your current "friend" status on the mobile Facebook page of any of your friends.

Our Take:

  • While this is a small update, we believe Facebook will continue to make these enhancements to both the mobile and desktop sites to give users more control over their news feeds.
  • So far we haven't seen this feature available on the desktop version of Facebook yet. 

Instagram users may have noticed a new feature that came out this summer — the archive button. What does the archive button mean for you? It gives you the ability to "hide" pictures on your Instagram page rather than deleting them. Not only do you have the ability to archive pictures, you are able to bring back old pictures from the archive grave.

Our Take:

  • While this update may be more relevant for the younger generation (based on their current theme of keeping very few pictures on their page), we think this update is pretty cool!
  • Businesses could utilize this feature as a way to update users on sales. They can quickly archive a post when a sale is done, but if that same sale comes back, they already have a post ready to go.

Google My Business launched a new update to make life easier! Now, you will have the ability to update your company's information directly from the search listing. When you are signed into your Google My Business account and search your business, there will be a menu of things that you should update to enhance your brand's online presence. This enhancement is a part of Google's campaign to be more social.

Our Take:

  • We love this enhancement! We all know life can get busy and this feature acts as a reminder for you to update and provide information to your customers -- ultimately promoting your brand.
  • Google is king, so anything they do to make life easier makes everyone's life easier!

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