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Marketing Minute 9 22 2017

Got a minute? Check out our quick update on what's new in the industry!

Instagram users may have noticed a new feature to their story capability recently. As a user, you used to be restricted to only add content from the past 24 hours – not anymore! The new enhancement allows users to post content from the last week.

Our Take:

  • While there have been ways to work the system, this does allow the user more control over the content they post to their stories.
  • This new feature makes it faster to find photos from the past week to share via stories.

Many Facebook users are aware that earlier this year the personal fundraiser functionality was added to the site, but the plan doesn’t stop there! Mark Zuckerberg is setting his sights on the importance of community, which led to this original functionality. Now they plan to add a display that suggests fundraisers you may be interested in – similar to the ‘People You May Know’ display. This display may start to pop up in your news feed, but they are still working on rolling it out to everyone.

Our Take:

  • We think this is a really great way for Facebook users to give back to causes they believe in and would like to support!
  • We are all about community and always looking for a way to connect or give back to our community!

Google Analytics
Google Analytics has updated their home dashboard! Users will now have the ability to see a seven day snapshot of their analytics. A few things that you can see are users, sessions, and bounce rate to name a few.

Our Take:

  • Google continues to update all of their platforms, including AdWords, to be more user friendly and provide the best views of information.
  • We think this update is a great way to have a quick and easy way to get a snapshot, but you definitely still need to dive deeper into your business’ analytics.






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