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You hear the term "Account Manager" tossed around a lot. You may even have one assigned to work with you. But what exactly does that account manager do and, more importantly, why should you care?

Your account manager is your voice within a marketing agency. They will be dutiful in learning your company's vision, mission, values, likes, and dislikes. Your account manager will make it their mission to know your company just as well as you do so they can be an advocate for your marketing goals and needs. Your account manager is essentially your BFF within the agency.

By learning your company inside and out, an account manager is able to communicate your brand and needs to the various other players within the company. Need a flyer made? Your account manager will work with the creative team to create the best flyer possible. Website updates? Your account manager will sit down with the web development team to communicate your needs. 

With an account manager, you have one point of contact who can work with everyone in the agency on your behalf. Have you ever called a company and got a different representative each time? You don't have to worry about that with a dedicated account manager. Working with the same person every time streamlines the process and helps to keep everyone on the same page.

At Addison Clark, our awesome account managers are ready to help with any of your marketing needs. We answer your phone calls, respond promptly to email requests, and even hand out restaurant recommendations when needed. 

Time is an asset for business owners, but not every business owner has the time to manage the minute details of marketing. With a dedicated account manager, you can be sure your business' marketing efforts are in reliable hands and there is an advocate working on your behalf. 

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