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New marketing trends are constantly emerging that you need to know. This is especially true when it comes to mobile marketing.

Here are a couple of stats for you:

  • More than half of all consumers use mobile devices for anything they do online.
  • The average time spent browsing on a smartphone is 87 hours per month in the U.S.

With these stats in mind, it’s no wonder most marketing professionals are focused on creating a strategy with heavy emphasis on mobile! Here are some trends to watch out for...

Think Mobile First, not just Mobile Responsive. Over the past couple of years, Google has begun indexing websites based on their mobile sites – not their desktop sites. In short, your SEO relies heavily on the existence and usability of your mobile site. Does your mobile site load quickly? Do any buttons or links on your site work with touch screens? Does your site look nice on a smartphone?

Mobile Site Speed is Crucial. When it comes to mobile devices, site speed matters. Studies show that if a page takes more than three seconds to load, the bounce rate (the percentage of people that will leave your site) increases by 53%. Google has a tool to help you define your site speed, and make suggestions to improve.

When Creating Content, Keep Mobile in Mind. As for content generation, the same general rules apply – your content needs to be interesting to keep your audience engaged. You’ll need to take the couple extra steps of ensuring a great mobile experience. For example, if you’ve got videos on your site, make sure they load quickly and properly.

Entrepreneur has a helpful infographic with even more tips and trends for mobile marketing. If we can help you with your mobile site, or if you’re wondering if a mobile-first strategy is right for you, feel free to reach out to us!

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