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An effective website has concise verbiage, cohesive branding, and an intuitive navigation that drives visitors to take action. If you haven’t changed anything about your website in the last year it’s time for an update. Here a few considerations to make while cleaning up your website.


Less is More

In today’s marketing world, modern consumers prefer websites with less text and more visual elements like photos, infographics and videos. Nearly 70% of people prefer to learn about a product or service through a video rather than reading text. Edit down the amount of text on your website and use images and video to convey your message. If you make it easy for consumers to learn about your brand, they are more likely to engage with your website.

Consistency is Key

It’s essential that your website reflects your brand. This means that your website should include your logo, colors, fonts and match your brand’s personality. It wouldn’t make sense to place a glossy, modern and sensible logo on a website with neon colors, funky fonts and random images. Your website should function as a tool to reinforce your brand identity to consumers. Cohesive branding across all your marketing efforts not only looks professional, it helps consumers remember you.  

X Marks the Spot

If a potential customer visits your homepage, can they easily find what they need? The key to a great web design is in the layout and menu structure. Your website’s menu should be straightforward enough for any person to navigate without any prior knowledge of your business or industry. Keep your menu and submenu items concise and encourage potential leads to take action by picking up the phone, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase.

Too many businesses overcomplicate or undervalue their website. You should think of your website as an introduction to your brand, not the closing argument. Ultimately, you want consumers to contact you offline, where you have more control in selling your pitch.


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