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Why Mobile First Websites Are Non Negotiable

According to most studies, 2017 marked the first year that more than 50% of internet traffic came from mobile devices, rather than home computers. This trend has continued this direction in the six years since. This is a significant statistic for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s a testament to the scope and speed of developing technology. The internet has only existed since 1983, home computers were popularized by the late 1990s, and now, most people browse the internet at will with a personalized smartphone they keep in their pocket. In the sixteen years between when the first accessible smartphone launched in 2007 and now, smartphone capability and usability have skyrocketed. In many ways, they’ve outpaced personal computers by a substantial margin. This is not news to most people, least of all to those in the business of digital traffic.

The second reason that statistic is interesting, is the fact that it challenges the public perception that a website is something you go to on a computer. Gone are the days when a desktop-centric design sufficed. The mobile-first approach to web design has transitioned from a trend to an absolute necessity, making it non-negotiable for businesses that want to stay relevant.

How annoying is it when you browse a website on your phone that was clearly designed for only a computer web browser? These kinds of user experiences create a negative perception of your business or brand. In the modern digital landscape, a mobile device is the primary gateway to the internet for the vast majority of users. Your website’s design and navigation should reflect an understanding of that.

The shift towards a mobile-first approach is no longer a matter of choice; it’s an imperative for anyone seeking relevance in the digital landscape. The advantages, from improved user experience to enhanced search engine visibility, make it clear that neglecting the mobile audience is a risk no business can afford to take today. When you put mobile second, you’re putting the vast majority of your users second. It’s time to embrace the mobile-first revolution and ensure your online presence is not only functioning but flourishing in the modern age.

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