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You hear all the time how important video is becoming for your business. Whether it is how-to’s, message from the president or other types of videos, it feels like everyone is doing them.

Well, it feels like that because everyone is doing video! Once you decide to dive into the world of video marketing there are a lot of factors to consider – what message to do you want to put out there, where will you shoot the video, and who is going to be in it?

That last question is important for a few reasons. Number one, the person/people in the video will be who your audience begins to associate with your brand. And, number two, they need to be comfortable on camera and deliver a strong presence.

Being comfortable on camera is harder than it looks. At Addison Clark, we have done a bunch of videos and can speak from experience! What you don’t see in our videos is all the bloopers, edits and what goes into making those videos.

Our best advice is:

  • Practice, but don’t memorize lines.
  • It’s okay to mess up! Shake it off and keep going.
  • Have fun and show your personality, but stay on brand.


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