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how video can enhance your marketing strategy

Have you ever heard the phrase "Video content is king"? With the rise of video-based platforms, it's hard to deny how prevalent video has become in our everyday lives. It's also a valuable marketing tool, with 88% of consumers saying that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. If video isn't currently part of your marketing strategy, you're missing out on opportunities to directly engage with your customers. Here are just a few ways that video can enhance your overall marketing strategy:

1. Video can show the personal side of your brand. While videos are a great way to promote your product or service, they don't always need a sales pitch in order to be valuable. Your video might feature a member of your team, a recent community service project that your company participated in, or explain your company's core values. These types of videos allow customers to see the personal side of your brand, which can be difficult to accomplish through other marketing channels. They can also help build trust and goodwill with customers, leading to long-term brand loyalty.

2. Video can be easily repurposed. No matter the content of your video, it can always be repurposed and widely distributed. While you might initially post a video on your website, you can use snippets of the video for advertising, blog posts, social media, or emails to customers. This is called multi-touch marketing, meaning that customers are more likely to remember your video and its message when distributed through several different channels. Video content is also evergreen, meaning you can reshare it again in the future.  

3. Video can drive traffic and engagement. Social media algorithms heavily favor videos over static images or graphics, whether they're posted organically or used in advertising. At Addison Clark, our clients' social media videos typically have higher rates of reach and engagement compared to traditional posts. You can also drive traffic back to your website by linking it in the caption. Videos have been found to increase "dwell time" on websites, which in turn helps transform prospective customers into leads and generate sales. 

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