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In light of canceled marketing events and less face-to-face interactions, utilizing video messaging is a great way for you to connect with your customer base during this time. Consumers crave authenticity and even more so during times of uncertainty. Video is a way to speak directly with your customers, share a genuine message, and keep your business top of mind. Luckily, video  doesn't have to be intimidating or involve costly production sessions. If you have extra time on your hands these days, now is a great opportunity to work on your video presence. 

Go live. Facebook and Instagram both provide live video platforms where you can speak directly with customers and communicate in a more relaxed fashion. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! These types of video are meant to be real-time and most viewers enjoy the unedited approach. Go into the experience with an open mind and a clear message. Remember, that lives offer a form of communication through comments and questions. Don't be afraid to interact with the audience that is tuning in and answer their questions directly. Another great thing about going live on Facebook is that your video can stick around on your page for people to enjoy even after the session has ended. You might want to continue to monitor the video for future questions and comments from those who couldn't join you at the time.

Tip: If you are unfamiliar with "going live", check out some live videos on other brands' Facebook or Instagram pages to help you get the hang of it. If going live seems intimidating for your first time, try simply recording the message you want to put out. Filming with a smartphone or tablet is an easy way to get this done, no fancy cameras necessary!

Virtual consultations. In addition to live video sessions, many businesses have gone virtual with private customer communication these days. If your business typically relies on in-person meetings and consultations, look into apps and software that can enable you to do so through virtual appointments. You'd be surprised at how easy it can be and the face-to-face communication (even via video) adds a touch of personality that email cannot. 

Use animation. If you are someone who isn't comfortable with being on camera at all, there are other avenues that you can utilize to help create an engaging video experience for your following. Animated videos can be interesting and educational tools that effectively convey information to your audience. Reaching out to people who have the resources to execute this can be helpful and you may have fun spending some extra time on a project like this as well. 

Ultimately, the current state of the world has caused video messaging to take off in exponential ways. It was popular before, but now it's vital to communication. Now is the time to flex your video messaging muscles and find what works for your brand!

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