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In this digitally volatile day and age, spam is part of our everyday lives. From the relentless calls to constant emails, everyone gets spammed. But if you are a business who has forms on their site and are getting spammed, there are things you can do to reduce it.

What exactly is form spam?
Form spam is the entering and submitting of website forms with fake information. Things like unwanted offers, phishing, etc. can come through your forms and be considered spam. This can be done through bots or manual spammers.

Why is spam so bad?
While most spam doesn’t do actual harm, it is a nuisance. It wastes time and effort to filter through, and if someone gets tricked into clicking on a link in one of the offers, the user could be susceptible to malware.

So how can you reduce the amount of spam your business gets?
A simple solution is to add a reCAPTCHA to every form. This is something Google created to filter out spammers. You have to confirm “you are not a robot” by clicking into a box. This step alone will help to greatly reduce the spam by bots.

What if you did all that but are still getting spam through your website forms?
Unfortunately, if there are manual spammers trying to get to you, they can still easily click that button and have their form submitted. The other issue is that spammers are constantly trying to outsmart Google and the rest of the internet. While there is no way to fully eliminate spam, some simple initial methods can help reduce the amount you have to deal with. 

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